Taking our clients to the next level requires us to deliver results through a variety of activities, including:

Face-to face meetings are the cornerstone to successfully promoting your company. Successful, “big book” advisors, institutions and investors will NOT typically invest without meeting management. This is the “CORE” of any successful IR campaign.Investor Cubed has built a large data base developed over decades of investors, advisors and institutions who focus and invest in the small and mid cap markets.Investor Cubed has relationships with advisors and dealers at most firms in Canada, many of Canada’s largest “books” and those specifically interested in the small and mid cap sectors.A successful IR program can potentially increase your share price, improve liquidity and create a much broader awareness for your Company. The real key to this success is introducing your company to ideal investors who would have interest in the sector and your company. 'Marrying' the company with the appropriate investor is a critical role Investor Cubed can assist you with.



Social media advertising and promotion can be a confusing area for companies. There are many avenues to potential spend funds on and in many cases, it can be difficult to quantify the results and determine the impact of the spend.Investor Cubed believes all social media spending has to be geared towards lead generation, identifying the appropriate audience and ensuring the potential investor is contacted. We have been able to simplify this process and develop customized solutions based on our experiences of what works and what doesn’t.We will track all programs daily and provide weekly analytics and reporting to ensure all funds spent are having maximum impact. As such we are able to make changes quickly if need be.


Oftentimes, companies retain different financial companies to accomplish their various objectives, and subsequently become frustrated and/or disappointed with the lack of results based on promises made. Investor Cubed can provide valuable guidance ensuring you retain and work with qualified reputable companies that can deliver. WE PROTECT YOU!

We can also ensure you meet the appropriate dealer who works in the small and mid cap sector, has a proven track record and an established investor base.



Investor Cubed has established relationships with many dealers and institutions. We successfully assist many companies in raising the necessary funds needed for them to execute their business plans with the introduction to a dealer capable of raising the needed capital.

Investor Cubed works with private and public companies to complete non-brokered private placements in equity, debt or convertible debt.

Investor Cubed knows the Canadian environment and as such can help act as a critical strategic partner guiding and introducing clients to the right parties who can execute and more importantly, ensure company funds are not wasted by engaging the wrong parties.


Investor Cubed can assist your company in completing a going-public transaction:


  • Finding suitable shell companies

  • Assisting with an IPO

  • Assisting with valuation

  • Providing options for your company to make an informed decision on the best and most cost-effective route 

  • Roadshow meetings and events with our financial industry contacts



Introducing Companies to high profile business 'partners' who can act as board members, CFO’s, legal, compliance, etc.



Producing corporate communications and marketing solutions



Ensuring shareholders and potential investors and regularly communicated with, updated and have access to ensure they have a strong sense of belonging is important. Finding investors is important, keeping them and being responsible to them is a key function.

Ensuring shareholders and potential investors are regularly updated and have access to direct communication is an essential part of creating a strong sense of belonging which is crucial for investor retention. Keeping an investor engaged is a key function of our services. 


Exposure to the

Canadian Financial Industry 

We organize and execute roadshow meetings and events targeting investment advisors, investment bankers, research analysts, institutions/fund managers, and other financial professionals from our network of industry contacts.

Proactive Marketing Campaigns 

In addition to meeting key industry players, we telephone our database of investment advisors to market clients as well as following up on their announcements to build a community of financial professionals tracking their stock. Developing a robust community following helps a company drive interest in a stock, which ultimately creates buying and improves liquidity.

Corporate Communications 

We assist clients with all aspects of communications which include: news releases; presentations; websites; email distributions; annual reports; responding to email and telephone inquiries; and other forms of investor and corporate communication.

Access to Capital 

We help our clients meet their capital requirements by providing introductions to the appropriate players in the financial markets. Our focus is to introduce clients to dealers and/or Exempt Market Dealers (EMD's) who raise capital. We are not a dealer. Investor Cubed will sometimes introduce clients to a potential investor ("one-offs") if the client needs a "strategic" partner, one who may invest but also has relationships valuable to our client or may join the board and/or management to increase the company's profile and exposure. In these cases we try to find a potential "partner" for our clients and not just an investor.

Social Media and

Internet-based Marketing 

In addition to proactively communicating with our financial industry networks, we build ‘direct to the investor’ programs for clients. We develop and manage social media communications and marketing programs, as well as recommend and manage internet marketing strategies that we have had previous success with.

Exposure in Foreign Markets 

Through the networks we have developed, our clients can access investors in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Most importantly, Investor Cube’s business model is based on trust. We have earned the trust of our financial industry contacts by bringing them good investment opportunities and communicating with them openly and honestly through good times and bad. Clients rely on us as a trusted partner so that together we can provide value for their shareholders.


Investor Cube’s success can be traced to our core values: Integrity + Insight + Intelligence = Implementation


*Investor Cubed is not a dealer and as such does not take any commissions. Investor Cubed successfully assists companies and oversees the process in raising capital through its established network of dealers, institutions and strategic partners. We will often take a referral fee if applicable, subject to all rules and regulations in the industry.

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