We work with companies to

create and build shareholder value.


and trust are key in all our relationships


gained through considerable market

insights as a result of years of combined

industry experience


is what we bring to our clients and

financial industry professionals based on

market information we gather


is greatly emphasized as we are strongly committed to delivering results.

Investor Cubed provides specialized services to small and mid cap, private and public companies. As a trusted partner to our clients, our objective is to help take them to the next level of development ensuring their objectives are met and/or exceeded. By accomplishing this, we help create value for their shareholders.


Every client comes to us with a different set of requirements, needs, strengths and challenges. As such, we rely on our experience, industry contacts and sales and marketing strengths to deliver individualized solutions to prepare the company for success.


Investor Cubed provides multiple services to their clients with a strength in providing investor relations services.


For over 30 years management has developed significant relationships with a broad range of investors, advisors and institutions across Canada. Getting your story out to the appropriate audience is the real key to success and increased market cap, improved liquidity and better prices.

Investor Cubed’s success can be traced to our core values:

Integrity + Insight + Intelligence = Implementation



to discover the endless possibilities to making your company better and stronger.