Talon Metals' objective is to produce class 1 nickel, as well as copper and cobalt, for the EV and stationary battery market.


Cymat develops innovative materials for industry. The company has worldwide rights, through patents and licenses, for producing Stabilized Aluminum Foam. The ultra-light metallic foam is manufactured by bubbling gas through molten alloyed aluminum containing a dispersion of fine ceramic particles and can be produced as either Near-net Shapes or Flat Panels. The result is a revolutionary material with a wide array of features including very low density, mechanical energy absorption, thermal and acoustic insulation, is recyclable, time and temperature insensitive and has a relatively low cost of production. Cymat is collaborating with a number of partners spanning the architectural, blast mitigation and automotive industries.

BluMetric Environmental Inc. is a diverse water, earth, and energy company providing solution-oriented consultation, design, products, and construction services to clients with complex environmental issues in more than 60 countries. With our award-winning team of industry experts and technology, BluMetric provides the finest effective and sustainable solutions to environmental challenges. BluMetric is a publicly traded Canadian company (TSX-V: BLM), headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario.

Renforth is a Canadian Gold exploration company that has holds a total of five gold-bearing properties, with proven resources on two.  Of the remaining three properties two have been joint-ventured to SOQUEM (Quebec government) and Chalice Gold and are being worked by those companies The Company has undervalued surface gold resources in Canada's most prolific gold camp;

Two proven assets with established gold reserves and potential to dramatically increase the reserves.


•   New Alger; approx. 237,000 oz's (43-101 compliant). Shallow, open along strike and depth

•   Parbec; approx. 500,000+ oz's (43-101 compliant). Shallow, open along strike and depth

About You Medical Supplies (AYMS) operates in most states and specializes in a variety of orthotic equipment to assist you in your efforts to reduce pain and improve your daily life through increased movement and independence. About You Medical Supplies meets all of the Medicare standards and is accredited by Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation hqaa.org. We are committed to supplying you with the best health care products and services.

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