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Abaxx Technologies



Abaxx is a development-stage financial software and market infrastructure company creating proprietary technological infrastructure for both global commodity exchanges and digital marketplaces. The Company’s formative technology increases transaction velocity, data security, and facilitates improved risk management in the majority-owned Abaxx Commodity Exchange (Abaxx Singapore Pte. Ltd.) - a commodity futures exchange seeking final regulatory approvals as a Recognized Market Operator (“RMO”) and Approved Clearing House (“ACH”) with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”). Abaxx is a founding shareholder in Base Carbon Inc. and the creator and producer of the SmarterMarkets™ podcast.




Base Carbon is a financier of projects involved primarily in the global voluntary carbon markets. We endeavor to be the preferred carbon project partner in providing capital and management resources to carbon removal and abatement projects globally and, where appropriate, will utilize technologies within the evolving environmental industries to enhance efficiencies, commercial credibility, and trading transparency.

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RESAAS is an award-winning global technology platform for the real estate industry. With over 500,000 real estate agents utilizing RESAAS in 160 countries, RESAAS enables real-time industry communication, delivers new business opportunities and captures unique real estate data. Some of real estate's biggest brands leverage RESAAS to provide business intelligence to real estate brokerages, franchises and associations.

TRION Battery Technologies


TRION Battery Technologies Inc. is an emerging global leader in next-generation silicon solutions and commercial battery production headquartered in Calgary, Canada. TRION completed the strategic acquisition of Liacon in July 2022, making it the only early-stage battery materials company with large-scale battery production capabilities as well as next-generation proprietary battery technology. TRION’s groundbreaking silicon technology delivers a step-change improvement to lithium-ion battery energy storage capacity and cycle-life, delivering performance that’s unprecedented for silicon today. Higher energy storage capacity delivers increased range for electric vehicles, or longer runtime for electronic devices such as smart phones. Trion’s silicon is a drop-in solution for battery manufacturers today, and is produced with metallurgical grade silicon and other abundant materials without the use of silane gas.

Aduro Clean Technologies


Aduro Logo 400x400_edited.jpg

Aduro Clean Technologies (CSE: ACT) is delivering 21st century transformative solutions to help solve global plastic pollution.

The company's chemical conversion technology transforms plastic waste into valuable feedstocks that may be used in production of new plastics or transportation fuels. It overcomes limitations of traditional recycling which is selective and therefore capable of handling only a small fraction of all post-consumer plastic generated globally. The Aduro upcycling approach moves post-consumer plastic up the waste hierarchy, offering the potential to handle mixed plastics and expanding the possibilities for circularity or production of standard transportation fuels. Process simplicity, scalability, and configurability means it can be implemented in diverse settings to reduce both the demand for petroleum and the environmental load of waste materials filling our landfills and waters.

Legible Inc.



Legible is a groundbreaking, mobile-centric global company specializing in eBooks and audiobook entertainment, boasting a market opportunity exceeding billions of dollars. Legible’s extensive partnerships encompass four of the Big 5 Publishers and the world's largest eBook distributor, enabling Legible to seamlessly deliver millions of eBooks and audiobooks, effectively transforming any smart device into a dynamic library and eBookstore.

At the heart of Legible’s innovation lies its LibrarianAI, the world's pioneering AI-powered literary assistant, enhancing the reading experience. Legible’s publishing division is revolutionizing the industry by crafting proprietary AI-enriched multimedia books, setting new standards in literary engagement.

Cymat Technologies


CYM004-Cymat-logo (1).png

Cymat develops innovative materials for industry. The company has worldwide rights, through patents and licenses, for producing Stabilized Aluminum Foam. The ultra-light metallic foam is manufactured by bubbling gas through molten alloyed aluminum containing a dispersion of fine ceramic particles and can be produced as either Near-net Shapes or Flat Panels. The result is a revolutionary material with a wide array of features including very low density, mechanical energy absorption, thermal and acoustic insulation, is recyclable, time and temperature insensitive and has a relatively low cost of production. Cymat is collaborating with a number of partners spanning the architectural, blast mitigation and automotive industries.

Heritage Mining 



Heritage Mining Ltd. A public junior exploration company listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE:HML) and the Boerse Frankfort Exchange (FRA:Y66). Focusing on people first, the Company’s veteran Board and Management Team has over 100 years of experience in the mining and exploration industry, with a proven track record.​

Diamcor Mining 



Diamcor Mining Inc. is a publically traded Canadian company with a proven history of supplying rough diamonds to the world market. Diamcor has established a long-term strategic alliance with world famous luxury retailer Tiffany & Co. and is now in the final stages of developing the Krone-Endora at Venetia Project co-located with De Beer’s flagship Venetia mine

Macarthur Minerals



Macarthur Minerals is an Australian exploration and development company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V: MMS) and OTC Markets (OTCQB: MMSDF).


Macarthur Minerals has three Iron Ore projects in the Yilgarn region of Western Australia. The Company has also established multiple project areas in the Pilbara, Western Australia for conglomerate gold, hard rock greenstone gold and hard rock lithium. In addition, Macarthur Minerals has significant lithium brine interests in the Railroad Valley, Nevada, USA. Macarthur Minerals is focused on commercialising its iron ore projects utilising mining, processing and logistics infrastructure in the region and concurrently undertaking comprehensive exploration program across the lithium and gold projects.


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